Teaching at the School

Yaowawit School by Jo Quinn

One of our final stops was at the Yaowawit School. Founded by a man from Germany,the school helps educate youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. While educating the students, the school also teaches them the necessary skills to work in the tourism industry at a 5 star level. The hope is that once they graduate they will be able to secure higher-level jobs in the industry. Recently, two of the older boys were accepted into a college program on scholarship.
There are currently 137 students between the ages of 7 and 18 that attend the school. Though about 10% of these students are orphans from the tsunami, almost all of them have been affected by the tsunami.
The school also accepts volunteers to come and take part in the children’s education. The volunteers are asked to make a donation and commit to at least one month (however a three month stay is preferred) so that there is consistency with the teaching and they are able to gain the trust of the students.