Community Activities

by Jo Quinn

Batik Group –
In Ban Talae Nok, there were several activities that we participated in. The first day, half the group worked with the Batik group. Here we were each given our own cloth to make a design. You begin by sketching on the cloth with pencil and then outlining the sketch in hot wax. The wax must completely enclose areas because if there are gaps the paint will bleed. Once tracing with the wax is complete, the next step is to paint the cloth. Then the cloth is set to dry before it is washed in a special solution to set the paint and remove the dye. This is the same manner in which sarongs were made when they were still done by hand.

The Soap Making Cooperative
In the wake of the Tsunami that devastated Ban Talae Nok village, twenty women formed
the soap making cooperative – hoping to secure a better future for themselves and – their families. Made using the finest essential oils and locally sourced ingredients, each bar is rich in antioxidants that leave your skin feeling not only refreshed but deeply nourished.
The soaps come in a variety of scents (cinnamon, citronella, turmeric, ginger, etc). The cooperative is in the process of trying to sell the soaps to neighboring resorts.