Code of Conduct

Thailand is a diverse country with many different religions and customs. Please take note of the following points in order to respect the villagers who are welcoming you into their homes.

  • There is no alcohol or pork allowed in Muslim villages, please respect this important village protocol
  • It is customary in Thailand to remove shoes before entering a house
  • In traditional Thai culture women dress modestly. When visiting villages women should keep shoulders covered and avoid short skirts. It is acceptable to wear swimsuits on the beach but we recommend wearing a t-shirt as well
  • It is not normal for Thai people to show strong affection in public, please refrain from doing so whilst in the villages
  • Please ask before taking photographs
  • We advise you not to take valuables on the trip; if you choose to, be sure to keep them in a safe place at all times
  • Please do not feed monkeys or other wild animals
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints! Please respect this protocol and do not take shells or coral from the beach or sea — leave them where they can be appreciated by all, do not take illegal souvenirs. Please see the CITES website to know what you are not allowed to take.
Thailand - Code of conduct