Khao Sok

Discover the serene beauty of Khao Sok National Park, nestled within the heart of Thailand’s primary rainforest. This natural sanctuary spans 738.74 square kilometers of lush landscapes, including captivating karst formations that punctuate the horizon.

At the center of the park lies the tranquil Khao Sok Lake (also known as Cheow Lan), covering 185 square kilometers and offering a serene escape into nature’s embrace. Here, visitors can enjoy kayaking, scenic boat tours, and peaceful moments surrounded by untouched wilderness.

Khao Sok is also renowned for its diverse wildlife, providing a haven for a wide array of species amidst its rivers, lakes, and mountains. Explore the park’s trails and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this biodiverse ecosystem.

Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, Khao Sok National Park promises an unforgettable experience, where the wonders of nature await at every turn. Come and discover the timeless allure of this natural treasure in southern Thailand.

Khao Sok Tours

Khao Sok National Park

Today’s landscape was founded 66 million years ago. The heavily weathered limestone karst were once part of a coral reef system, five times longer than the Great Barrier Reef that stretched from Borneo to China.

Because the ice age did not affect Khao Sok, it’s rainforest is older than the forests of Central America and the Amazon.

The virgin forests of the National Park have various types of plant life including a number of very rare and sacred tree species. The botanical richness of the region, the abundance of fresh water and the protection offered by an extremely rugged terrain make Khao Sok prime habitat to a wide variety of wildlife.

Together with the wildlife sanctuaries of Klong Saeng and Klong Nakha located to the north, Sri Phang Nga National Park to the west, and Klong Phanom National Park to the south, this is the largest protected forest area in Southern Thailand.  It is the only viable habitat for mammals needing extensive tracts of virgin forest for their survival.

Wonder at the beauty of a 20 million year old rainforest. It is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna species. The perfect place for an eco adventure and relaxation in beautiful nature. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary nature of the Khao Sok National park.

From mid-November through mid-May is usually the dry season, and rainfall is less common. March and April are considered the best months for spotting animals. From June through October, rain is more common. The rain also brings more water in the rivers to enjoy tubing and canoeing.

Cheow Lan Lake – The Floating Bungalows

All Floating bungalows are only accessible by long-tail boat ride from the Raja Praba Dam pier.  Meals are included at your floating bungalows as well as an English speaking guide.

If you are staying overnight the Khao Sok floating bungalows are very basic accommodation. You will share bathrooms. Each room has a thin mattresses, woven bamboo walls, and electricity for a few hours at night. Your bungalow may or may not have a mosquito net, as mosquitoes cannot live on the lake water.

On the plus side you will enjoy an amazing and unique experience. Sleeping on the water with your morning dip just a few steps away. Restaurants serve great food and drinks and you will be completely surrounded by nature.

Khao Sok floating bungalows are in a remote location. Of course that is a big attraction and it is an amazing place to visit. However there are things you should understand before visiting the floating bungalows on the Lake. With this information you will have a great trip

Khao Sok Village

Khao Sok attracts many visitors primarily for the thrilling adventures on Khao Sok (Chew Larn) Lake. Yet, Khao Sok village offers a plethora of activities too, surprising visitors with its array of options. New activities are continuously being introduced, so it’s worth checking back for updates.

Excitement on the Sok River


At the heart of the village lies a bridge, serving as a common starting point for canoe trips down the Sok River. Glide through forests, resort grounds, and into the countryside while your guide paddles you along. Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as monkeys, snakes, and exotic birds, as you leisurely navigate through.


During times of ample water flow, tubing down the river from the bridge is a delightful experience suitable for all ages.


Numerous spots along the river offer ideal settings for a refreshing swim, with crystal-clear waters cascading from the nearby hills.

Please note: During dry spells, water levels in the river may be reduced. Check the best times to visit Khao Sok.

Bicycle / Scooter

For those seeking to venture further, motorbike or scooter rentals are available. Explore scenic country roads, uncover temples, hot springs, and enjoy the serene sights and sounds of rural Thailand. Prefer a slower pace? Opt for a bicycle ride through the village’s farms and forests.

With a Thai SIM card in your phone, Google Maps functions well, making exploration easy and enjoyable.

Hiking & Night Safari

Nature enthusiasts can indulge in hiking and night safaris close to the village without venturing deep into the park. Surrounded by nature, much wildlife can be spotted right within the village limits, especially during nighttime excursions guided by experienced locals armed with flashlights. The sights and sounds encountered on these walks are sure to amaze.

Additionally, hiking along trails outside the park without a guide provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature, especially for those seeking a break from indoor confinement due to Covid-19.

Other Activities in Khao Sok village

In addition to river adventures, Khao Sok village offers various other activities:

Elephant Experiences

Interact with retired elephants at the local sanctuary by joining them for an evening bath. This ethical experience includes assisting in meal preparation, feeding the elephants, and culminates in an unforgettable swim with these gentle giants.


Strolling through Khao Sok village offers the chance to sample delicious snacks and browse through local shops. Essential items for park visits can also be purchased here, as there are no shops within the park itself.

Khao Pang village

Literally translating to home of the fallen mountain, this is one of the communities that borders the lake and the national park. Its beautiful karsts are a defining characteristic of Khao Sok and much of Southern Thailand, but it has a long and very interesting history that is not widely known.

Though the evidence has not yet been verified, local artifacts and cave drawings suggest that people were living in the area and trading for a few thousand years in this very village. Many of its earliest signs of human settlement support the theory that this area was used as an ancient silk route between China and India, as it was once the largest river in Southern Thailand, and also sits at the narrowest point of the Malay Peninsula. Though the silk trade is long gone, many people still uphold their tradition of mixed organic agriculture, with the modern addition of rubber and palm in some areas. Many people enjoy making small bamboo handcrafts, like the Look Wuh, which means small whizzing toy, that are not seen elsewhere in Thailand.

Khao Sok 2 day homestay - hanging bridge

The center of the village, like many in Thailand, is around its small temple. Immediately next to it is an old suspension bridge that was used to transport the very famous subspecies of Durian for sale elsewhere in the country.

Jat San Soap Cooperative / Weaving Workshop

These community projects started with the assistance of grants to provide supplemental income for villagers by supporting local crafts.

The soap cooperative and weaving workshop are in the neighboring Jat San Village.

Each project has a membership group who is open to use the equipment at any time and sell through their cooperative group to several local vendors.

Weaving - Khao Sok

Know Before You Go

  • The Lake is a wilderness with changing environmental conditions, so be ready to sacrifice some convenience and comfort. The weather can change quickly, from sunny to rainy and back again. This can create delays and change the itinerary if necessary. The remote location also makes medical care difficult, as it takes at least one hour to reach the hospital from the Khao Sok floating bungalows. Please remember these factors when considering the ‘Lake Tour Khao Sok’. This is especially true if you want to participate in activities such as hiking.
  • Lake tour Khao Sok Group Size: You will join a group of 10-14 people of different abilities and ages. Thus, please help your guide stick to the schedule by being on time. The Lake is now very popular with Thai and foreign tourists alike. This means more noise and more people, particularly on weekends and holidays.
  • Tour Operator: Often, we use our partners at the Khaosok and lake tour. However, if we have less than 8 guests signed up, you may join with a group that is organised by a Local Outfitter. The Local Outfitter for lake tours uses guides from Khao Sok. They have less English and hospitality experience than many other places.
  • Jungle Trek: The tour includes a jungle trek that is moderately strenuous. The specific route changes with the time of year. It may involve wading across a river, and also walking through or entering a cave. One route requires a short, rope-assisted climb. Please consider your personal fitness level. The hike is optional, and if you opt out, you can relax at the raft house. If you experience mobility issues, or are physically unfit, please do not go on the jungle hike.  We also recommend that children 10 and under do not go on the hike.