Services in Kuraburi

Kuraburi is a small town, so don’t worry about getting lost. If there is anything in specific you do need to know about, just ask a member of Andaman Discoveries staff.

Sustainable Transport:

We recommend that guests walk or use low impact forms of transportation whenever available. For public transportation, we suggest using buses, trains or join with a group van as group travel has less impact than private.

Low Impact Forms of Travel In and Around Kuraburi

Kuraburi is a small enough place to walk around or use a bicycle from the Kuraburi office, but motorbike taxis are situated outside of the market and can be hired for distances that are just too far to walk. We can also organize transportation for longer distances and activities.

Services in Kuraburi

Public Transportation

  1. Public Buses are available both with AC and with no AC, tickets can be bought at the Kuraburi bus station. Bus routes run North to Bangkok , where you can get additional buses or a train to the Northeast and North South. If you are heading South to provinces in the Southeast or Southwest, you can take a public bus to Takua Pa and then change buses or get a join with a group van, or head to a neighboring province that has a train station. For details or time tables, please ask at the bus station or an Andaman Discoveries staff member.
  2. Join with a group vans (most of these leave from Takua Pa bus station)
  3. Trains from partnering provinces (closest is Surat Thani)
  4. Private van or car transfer-book directly through Andaman Discoveries


Local restaurant, located at the Kuraburi town serves excellent Thai and Western cuisine and has an English menu (open all year round). Great food is also available year-round at “the strip,” a row of restaurants next to the main road and the bus station. These restaurants offer a wide selection of Thai food, including Muslim pancakes called roti, which you can order with curry or banana (please do not drink alcohol at this restaurant).


There is a bank, ATM, and post office in town on the opposite side of the road from the bus station that is open from 9am until 4pm. Money can be exchanged there.


There is a daily market across the road from the bus station selling fruit, vegetables, Thai snacks like fried bananas and sticky rice, as well as clothes. On Tuesday and Saturday mornings there is a larger market in the same place.


For Thai massage there is a place about a five-minute motorbike taxi away, towards Ban Talae Nok. Most motorbike taxis will know where it is.


Boon Piya has a laundry service. The owner, Ger Hooey, normally has it done in one day. It usually costs about 40 Baht for one plastic bag.

Important telephone numbers:

  • District Office +66 (0)76 49 1353
  • Kuraburi Hospital +66 (0)76 49 1353 or 1669
  • Police Station +66 (0)76 49 1275-7 or 191
  • Fire Fighter +66 (0)76 49 1352 or 191
  • Post Office +66 (0)76 49 1100
  • Bus Station +66 (0)76 49 1218
Services in Kuraburi