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Responsible Tourism Training at Klong Nang Yon Community Enterprise

Principle & guidelines for successful Community Development Last weekend Tui and Noon gave a presentation to the Klong Nang Yon community enterprise which is part of the Destination Development project by Prince Of Songkla University, Suratthani Campus.  5 local business group members such as Homestay, Bamboo Rafting, Boat rafting, Restaurant and Resort were participated in the meeting. They are interested in learning about responsible tourism. Products and Programs Design At the meeting, we discussed abouhow to be a good interpreter, Principle & guidelines for a successful community development and how to design their products and programs.  Another topic was about [...]

New Year, New Programs

Andaman Discoveries has been working hard over the past two years to seek out new community partners and also other community based tour operators based throughout this beautiful country. We believe that by creating partnerships with companies that share the same ethos on community based tourism, that the small niche of sustainable tourism will begin to become mainstream.  It also makes it easier to help guests traveling with a sustainable focus, to find programs that are suitable for their needs. We often find that guests’ book things on the internet or quickly when they arrive to Thailand, this can lead [...]

Successful season for Moken on Koh Surin

The national park on Koh Surin closed on the 15th of May and will be closed to visitors for a few months. With the low season starting we would like to look back on the past season on Koh Surin. It has been a very successful season in which many people visited the Moken on this beautiful island. We received 20 bookings from responsible visitors who were interested to hear the stories of the Moken and witness their traditional way of life on the island. The total number of visitors who booked the Moken Experience this year was 85. Three [...]

Study and Service Trip Adventures

We had a stupendous season of study and service groups and specialized groups that fall into an ever growing niche of young adults and people that choose to travel with the mindset of immersing in the local culture in a sustainable way and giving back to local communities in whatever way is needed. The groups got to know the “people and the place” along the Andaman coast, relishing in an authentic experience that brings people together, creating memorable experiences that can be shared back home. This encourages more people to travel with a greater sense of cultural and environmental awareness. [...]

Sustainability Matters

Andaman Discoveries strives to stay and evolve as a sustainable tour operator. One way of doing this is by looking at certifications that holds us to a high standard. We are currently a partner of Travelife and just submitted our Travelife certification application. The next step will be to have an audit in the office to ensure that we are following all the criteria and also have an action plan set in place to continuously improve our standards. It has been an informative process and allows for positive growth within our company. Travelife also conducts training certifications for staff that [...]

Guest Testimonials

Ban Talae Nok Homestay Program Beautiful Sunset We immediately felt incredibly welcomed into the community and enjoyed the food both at lunch and dinner. The beach dinner really was spectacular! The sun was setting as we ate, it felt like a dream come true. The soap making was so interesting and it was lovely to engage with some women of the community, we stayed and talked with them for quite a long time and learned a lot about their culture. We moved onto roof making which was very calming and an interesting skill to learn, how it is [...]

Homestay Program Spotlight: Tung Dap Village

Your homestay accommodation It is only fitting to recognize Tung Dap Village Homestay program on Koh Phrathong Island as an outstanding and unforgettable experience. Awarded the winner of the 2016 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations, this village offers not only a cultural eco- experience but also a journey of sustainability, allowing guests to truly see the value in low impact travel! The village is showing extreme enthusiasm and confidence after winning the award. More villagers are showing interest in joining the homestay group and they are coming up with new ideas. Why is this Village So Amazing? I can [...]

Village Guide Spotlight: Nin from the Moken Tourism Team

Interactive Interpretive Trail We would like everyone to meet Nin, a knowledgeable and talented Moken guide, who has grown in confidence and capacity since the Moken Tourism Group was formed in 2012. He is one of the original Moken guides and also took part in the pilot program project that was responsible for creating the Moken tourism team that initiated cultural activities and program development for guests to participate in with our help. Lets go Snorkeling He is the younger brother of Juree, who is the mother of the Village Headman in the Moken village. Nin [...]

Inspiring Parents

A child’s drive for education stems from their family environment and the encouragement that they receive from their parents. We headed out into the community with surveys in hand to better understand the parent’s role in their child’s education and the role that the Burmese Learning Center plays in helping to accomplish the goals for their children in the future. We found that parents noticed their children were beginning to talk more about their experience at the Burmese Learning Center and in turn, their aspirations for their future. This is great because they are seeing a connection between education and [...]

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Andaman Discoveries staff continues contribution to the wonderful cause of the Burmese Learning Center financially with our North Andaman Network Foundation and through staff time and support. Andaman Discoveries, the Foundation for Education and Development, and the Burmese Learning Center Teachers headed out into the local Burmese Community to begin student recruitment for the 2016-2017 school year. We surveyed 6 communities handing out brochures and giving information about the Burmese Learning Center to the parents of perspective students. The communities are primarily located in labor based areas, with the family homes based directly where the parents work. The families live in [...]

Homestay Programs “The Bridge to Cultural Connection”

weaving activity It was another spectacular high season for our homestay programs. Respectful, interested and delightful guests participated in a variety of programs that allowed for meaningful cultural experiences and interactions. Our long standing homestay programs such as Ban Talae Nok Village continue to succeed and build their capacity for future success. We continue to engage local communities to be the stewards of their culture and environment, through capacity development and alternative means of income. The original goal of Andaman Discoveries continues to be met as the bridge between these homestays and interested guests who want to come to [...]

Chak Phra Festival in Kuraburi

    Kuraburi Chak Phra Festival The government sector, Local communities and Temples are working together to organize the annual Chak Phra festival on October 28 - 30, 2015 to carry on and preserve the traditions of the southerners and to promote Kuraburi's traditional tourism. The Chak Phra tradition is a local ceremony of the southerners. It is a tradition where people celebrate the end of Buddhist Lent which is at the start of the 11th lunar month. The Chak Phra tradition is a belief about the Buddha’s return to earth after preaching to his mother in heaven. [...]

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