Sad news from Ban Talae Nok

Tragedy struck in February when three-year-old Chukran was struck by a motorbike. He was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries and passed away the next morning. The community gathered together in accordance with Islamic tradition for the burial ritual that same afternoon. Two of our guests were invited to the ceremony, and this is their touching account of what happened:

“It was solemn and terribly sad, but a dignified occasion as we witnessed the whole community coming together to share in the grief, support each other, and take comfort in the rituals of the funeral. We were invited to visit the house and pay our respects…We were also invited to help the women who were preparing food for the funeral. I was grateful to be able to offer both our condolences and a tiny bit of practical support, and felt as though even in this small way we were being included in and welcomed by the community, rather than feeling uncomfortable, or in the way.”

Our hopes and thoughts are with Chukran’s family during this difficult time. If any guests would like to offer condolences or support to Chukran’s family, please let us know.