Muang Kluang Village

Andaman Discoveries introduces new destination

Andaman Discoveries began working with Muang Kluang village last year as part of our effort to further diversify our award-winning village tours and homestay program. We’re now ready to invite guests to spend time in this unique village. Working with Muang Kluang accomplishes two goals: expanding our support network of communities in the north Andaman area and offering more cultural activities for our visitors.

Andaman Discoveries invested extensive research into Muang Kluang by personally visiting the homestays, participating in village activities, and talking in-depth with homestay group coordinator Khun Jo Jo . We’re confident that Andaman Discoveries’ guests will thoroughly enjoy spending time in Muang Kluang as well. The program will benefit the villagers through revenue generation that will go towards skills development and youth education.

In 2007, Muang Kluang received the accolade of “The Most Outstanding Community-based Tourism Award” by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Andaman Discoveries is excited to offer this additional destination for guests seeking an authentic cultural experience. Please contact us for more information.