Youth in Action

Local conservation gets international recognition

Ning, third from left, is the “Youth in Action” program manager.

With the tragic death of Chukran, the last month has been a time of reflection for us here at Andaman Discoveries, and also a time to honor the importance of children to a community’s happiness and future. After weeks of preparation, we launched the Youth in Action project with support from the European Union and French partner Pistes Solidaire.

This program will support the youth conservation group in Ban Talae Nok, and link them with youth groups across the world, including a visit from partners in Senegal, Italy, and five other countries. By doing their own projects and learning from peers all over the world, youth are given the skills to create sustainable development.

The initiative recognizes that young people need to take an active part in the decisions that will affect their futures. Ning, from our long time partner Mangrove Action Project, will act as program manager. She recently traveled to France for the project’s official kick-off. Since then Ning has developed programs such as climate change-related activities, a community waste management and recycling program, kitchen gardens, mangrove forest monitoring and restoration, and a youth learning center. Ning is enjoying the work and the enthusiasm of the local youth. “We decided to have a team leader for each research project topic, selected from the youth members who are the most interested and keen in the each topic,” she reported.