Testimonials From Guests

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“When I travel, I like to get off the beaten path. I like to go to new and undiscovered gems. I like to make connections between the places that I visit and the relationships that I make along the way. Homestays and community based tourism is an organic way to learn about a place in a non-traditional way. Andaman Discoveries helped facilitate an experience that I will never forget.”     

-George Eklund, USA

“I learned so much about the nature and the animals. The family was lovely, helped us and explained everything. They were friendly and caring.”

-Markus Liebertz, German, Ta Pai Yoi Village Homestay

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“It has been a very special experience that we will never forget. Our host family and translator made each day a very good experience. They took very good care of us and our children. Everybody is very happy.”

-Lane Lund, Danish, Ta Pai Yoi Village Homestay

“The house was beautiful, in a magical setting plus the family was so warm and accommodating. We were impressed by how involved they were and how well they looked after us. Safety was top level and our kids were taken in as if they were their own kids.”

-Jessica McCormack, Ta Pai Yoi Village Homestay

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