Volunteer and Community Based Tour

“The host families were amazing, the food was amazing and the villagers were very kind”

-Tiondra Hamilton, USA

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Nine guests from Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the USA came together to experience an unforgettable community and volunteer based tour with Andaman Discoveries.  They started by staying at the School for Life in Thai Muang where a different form of volunteering took place. The volunteering did not necessarily have tangible, concrete results that the group could see by the end of their stay. Their presence and financial contribution to stay at the school helps keep these small projects running and generate revenue for the future.  The group was open minded and understood that lending a helping hand comes in many different forms.  During their stay at the school, they were able to enjoy beautiful views of lush forest, hang out at the beach, visit the local market and practice meditation at the temple with a monk.

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Their next destination was the small, rural fishing village of Ta Pai Yoi on the island of Koh Pratong that is accessed by taking a longtail boat through the healthy mangrove systems, which offers views of the natural wildlife. They were greeted by their homestay families that welcomed them into their homes and the village. They shared stories, ate together and learned about each other’s cultures. They also participated in local activities like collecting local vegetables for dinner, enjoying the beach and exploring the unique savannah on the island. After arriving back on the mainland, they arrived at the next village homestay of Ban Tale Nok in Ranong. Throughout the stay, they were able to bond with their homestay families and get a true understanding of Thailand. They partook in many fun activities like: creating batik, net fishing on the beach followed by a BBQ at sunset, weaving roof panels out of nippa palm, making soap, making a Thai dessert and taking a small boat tour through the mangroves to learn about the environmental benefits of keeping this great ecosystem intact. The trip allowed this easy going group to grasp all the wonderful elements that Thailand has to offer and really enjoy the generous spirit of the Thai people.

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Throughout the trip the group had an Andaman Discoveries translator, Pi Tui, to answer questions and help explain the culture of Thailand.  Here are some great things the group had to say about her…

“Thank you for the great experience and for helping us to discover this beautiful country”

“Thank you so much for your time and education about Thailand over the last five days. You have been a priceless guide”

“Thanks for all the fun and the help with translating. I had a blast hanging out with you and learning about beautiful Thailand”