Handicraft Experiences

By Jo Quinn

Tie-dye –

One of the groups on the island does tie-dye projects to bring in additional revenue. The dyes are all natural and can be found all over the island. For example, the bark of the mangrove is used to make brown and pink dyes. The group also makes yellow and green dyes. Once the pattern is made, the cloth must sit in the boiling dye for two hours. From there it is taken to the cold water that has chemicals to set the dye. After soaking for another 20 minutes, the cloth is removed and dried.
The group is able to make many different patterns and an array of products. Many of the houses have tie-dyed tablecloths, curtains, and sheets. There is also a tie-dye display room, where the products are displayed and can be purchased.

Old lady who weaves – income.
There is an old lady on the island that supports seven people by weaving reeds. Many of her family members died of AIDS, and weaving goods is her only source of She can make bracelets, rings, purses, and bags in an array of colors to sell. Sadly she does not have a good grasp of finances and charges far less than the goods are worth – Bodhi encouraged us to pay more than she asked.