Homestay Programs “The Bridge to Cultural Connection”

Weaving pandanus leaves Ban Talae Nok homestay Thailand
Weaving pandanus leaves Ban Talae Nok homestay Thailand

weaving activity

It was another spectacular high season for our homestay programs. Respectful, interested and delightful guests participated in a variety of programs that allowed for meaningful cultural experiences and interactions. Our long standing homestay programs such as Ban Talae Nok Village continue to succeed and build their capacity for future success. We continue to engage local communities to be the stewards of their culture and environment, through capacity development and alternative means of income. The original goal of Andaman Discoveries continues to be met as the bridge between these homestays and interested guests who want to come to Thailand and enjoy a truly meaningful experience. We are so happy that our homestay programs are still a constant and staple of Andaman Discoveries. It is truly a testament to all of the wonderful things that has been happening over the years.

Cooking Thai snacks at Ban Talae Nok homestay Thailand

Thai snack

Come and join a homestay program and have a truly memorable experience:

The village of Ban Talae Nok offers activities that engulf guests into their local way of life. Like making Thai snacks and learning how to weave roof panels out of a local plant. Guests also get to experience the untouched Gam islands with their local guides. They even get to have a delicious packed lunch on the beach overlooking the crystal blue waters. If guests want more of an eco-adventure they can head to the island of Koh Phra Thong and stay with the Moklan people in the village of Tung Dap. The villagers truly live in harmony with nature. Guests can learn how to make squid traps, collect local vegetables, collect crabs and clams in the mangrove forests and take a tractor to the beach to learn about the local way of tin mining.

How you directly support the homestay communities:

Batik at Ban talae nok homestay Thailand

Beautiful Batik

Andaman Discoveries puts 50 percent of its profits back into the communities; this is on top of the communities being paid out for activities that they have put in place for the guests. The community funds are used to benefit the whole village, not just those involved in the homestay, encouraging solidarity and cohesiveness to the village as a whole. For example, in Ban Talae Nok Village they built a new Mosque and also used the community fund money to sponsor an important celebration, like children’s day. They would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy these fun and exciting days that bring the community together. As guests of Andaman Discoveries, you are truly contributing to the goal of the homestay programs being a supplemental source of income within the villages!

Let’s take a look at what the homestay guests had to say about their experience:

“We loved our time spent in Ban Talae Nok Village. We got to experience a part of Thailand we would not otherwise have seen. Our translator and local guides were nice, informative and helpful with our whole trip. We highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about Thai culture.”

“The host family and translator treated us fantastically. The environment is beautiful, just like the people living in Tung Dap Village. Experiencing the traditions of the village was so meaningful. This trip highly exceeded our expectations”

“Thailand is beautiful but even more beautiful when you experience a homestay and it is nice to give something back. The host family was amazing and our translator was excellent throughout the stay!”


Monk offering homestay Thailand

Monk offerings