Volunteering at the Kuraburi High School

Inspire Future Generations

Kuraburi Chai Patanna Highschool allows volunteers to engage with the future leaders of Thailand who are anxious to learn proper English from a Native speaker. Your town accommodation allows easy access to the local Thai markets, restaurants, temples, festivals and recreational activities. The school is located in the heart of Kuraburi town with a beautiful view of the surrounding lush landscape. The students are eager to learn and brilliant at finding ways to navigate the communication barriers.

With good preparation, patience and cooperation from the English teacher, every day at the school offers a new opportunity to effectively teach interactive lessons to the students! You will quickly discover all the joys of getting to know the students and encouraging them to follow their dreams of continuing their education.

How You Make a Difference

You will play a vital role in teaching the English language to these students, who do not often interact with fluent English speakers. The English teachers at the school are very enthusiastic but have difficulties with the language and therefore keep the lessons very basic.

By having a foreign teacher, it opens the students’ and the teachers’ capacity of speaking, reading and writing. This allows for them to build confidence and language skills immensely, which can help raise their test scores and broaden their scope of future professions. It is also fun for the Thai teachers to work alongside a foreigner that may have new approaches to teaching. You work as a team, sharing ideas and helping each other to effectively teach the students!

Volunteer teaching at the Khura Buri high school

Daily Schedule

The working week is Monday through Friday, which allows you to have the weekends off so you can have free time to explore the wonders of Thailand. The school day is from 8:30-4:30 with a total of eight class periods. You will be integrated into the periods to work alongside the English teacher.

Be prepared to teach all grade levels at the highschool. This will change according to current needs of the schools and students interest. You will be co-teaching with the Thai English teacher who is always enthusiastic about new teaching techniques. It is helpful to lesson plan the subjects you choose to teach with the English teacher and create interactive activities to coincide with the lessons to keep the students engaged.

Volunteer teaching at the Khura Buri high school

Project Details

  • Trip Summary – Duration of volunteer duration is flexible
  • In Country Support – International staff support, access to teaching resources, and assistance with lesson planning
  • What’s Included – Private accommodation, bicycle, donation to the project
  • Availability – Term time only: Jan – March, Mid May – August, October – December
Volunteer teaching at the Khura Buri high school
  • Donation to the school
  • Lunch at the school
  • Local accommodation
  • Financial contribution to other local social and environmental projects
  • Support from bilingual Andaman Discoveries’ staff
  • 7% Value-Added Tax
  • Flights, visas and departure taxes
  • Vaccinations and travel insurance
  • Expenses outside of the orphanage
  • Optional excursions with the children during weekends and/or holidays
  • Transfer from the orphanage to your next destination
  • Other personal items and expenses

It is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance policy prior to your departure. There are different options available covering everything from lost baggage to a medical emergency. We advise that volunteers select a policy that covers all activities with us and in your own time. Some activities, such as diving, are not covered by some insurers

We encourage our volunteers to learn some Thai words as well as to teach some English during their trip. And we have developed Thai-English phrasebook and we highly encourage you to print it out and use it during your stay in Thailand.

Previous volunteers have developed a useful homestay pack with flashcards, which you can print out and laminate before you leave. It will help you communicate with the local people and it contains ideas for games and activities which can assist you to develop lesson plans.

Volunteer teaching at the Khura Buri high school