UK Responsible Tourism Partnership

Andaman Discoveries Homestays Diversify Itineraries

Responsible tour operators work with local Thai community members to develop new programs.

In his recent article, “Taste the Spice of Local Thai Life,” Peter Richards of the Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (a partner organization of Andaman Discoveries) describes how some of the most highly-acclaimed responsible tour operators in the UK and Thailand have been working with local Thai community members to develop new community-based tourism programs. Andaman Discoveries is working with several UK-based operators, providing them with stand-alone community tours or adding a cultural component to an existing offering that might also include sightseeing and beaches. “Incorporating a cultural exchange into a package itinerary gives more travelers a chance to visit the community and to make a positive contribution,” said Andaman Discoveries Program Development Manager Mimi Cheung.

This groundbreaking initiative has given the tour operators and local Thai community members a unique chance to meet each other and compare their different roles, experiences, and needs, and to design new tour programs together. “We’re very grateful to CBT-i for their role in facilitating these productive discussions,” Mimi added.