Smith’s Family at Home and Life

We have been so lucky to be tracked down by Allyson Smith and her family who, while on vacation in Phuket, want to spend time helping out and donating essential items to projects for children in and around the Phuket region.
Allyson got in touch with me, Karen, Volunteer Coordinator and asked if I could arrange a meeting with the orphanage we work with, this was no problem, we made a date and discussed items to bring and Allyson packed her car and the family set off to Thai Muang to assist with the project.

We decided that food was the best donation to make that everyone would benefit from; rice, eggs, sugar and flour were purchased and Kate, the resident cook, prepared a lovely meal for all the workers in the evening.
The family also helped to paint the new outside washrooms for the home, making it bright and interesting for when you go in to take a shower!

Allyson said ‘We have had the most amazing 2 days with the orphanage, it could not have been better. My children have LOVED playing and working with the children. We went shopping with them yesterday for food items they needed and then we went back to help paint the new bathrooms and work in the garden, then had a wonderful dinner with everyone. We will go back Friday and Sunday. Thank you so much for setting this up!