Teaching English at Kuraburi Chaipattana Pittayakom School

The first time I met Anis Nee, the director of the English department of the Kuraburi’s School I was really nervous. It was Friday morning and Karen (volunteer’s coordinator of Andaman Discoveries) took me to the school with the motorcycle. Even though I was looking forward to start my new experience as an English teacher at the Kuraburi High and Middle School, it was the first time I was going to teach teenagers and I felt quite scared. But Ajan Arunee – Ajan means teacher in Thai language- received me with a big and large smile. “We are very happy to have you here”- she said.
Next Tuesday, during the student’s morning assembly Ajan Arunee introduced me in front of all the students of the school. As I was talking to them I could notice 800 curious faces looking at me, and all the fear disappeared. Then I did my first class with the eldest students of the school – 18 years old. The main aim –Arunee told me- was to make pupils talk in English because most of them are really shy to speak another language. That’s what I did: I tried to talk them about my life in Spain and I ask them to talk me about their life in Thailand. It was a successful icebreaker. My experience had started!

During the two weeks I volunteered in K.C.P., my schedule changed everyday but the day before I already knew what I was going to do the next day so I could prepare my lessons during my free hours. I had class three or four hours a day with different students and also different teachers. Sometimes I had to do some grammar, sometimes I had to read and help the students with their pronunciation. Teachers only guided me with the topics, but I was completely free to prepare my classes. At 11.30 I had lunch at the school buffet with a different teacher each day.
During my lasts days I had the chance to attend and participate at the Sports Festival of the school.!
All the teachers and students were divided in four teams of different colors. In the morning, all the students paraded across the village and everybody was dressed in colors and beautiful dresses! Then, the competition started!

Teaching as a volunteer in Kuraburi has been a really fulfilling experience that I will never forget. The hospitality and the kindness of all the teachers and students have made me feel very comfortable. This experience has allowed me to truly get in touch with such a different and amazing culture. Thank you Andaman and K.C.P for this opportunity!