September Visitors and Volunteers

(left to right) Matt, Louisa, and Anja Making Batik in Ban Talae Nok.

Andaman Discoveries hosted several visitors this month including: Julia from Qatar, Matt and Louisa from the United Kingdom, and Anja from our new partner Grace Tours.

Matt reflected that “this is a fantastic way to see life in Thailand that would be missed on the backpacker trail. Fishing in the rain will be an unforgettable moment for me, as will meeting some of the nicest people on the planet.” Anja also joined us from the UK. “This was truly an amazing experience. I got the opportunity to learn how to cook Thai food, which was excellent. Thanks to the villagers, Tui, and Pink who made the stay fun and one I won’t forget.”

Julia tries her hand at nipa-palm weaving

Julia joined us all the way from Qatar, where she works as the VP of finance and administration at the College of the North Atlantic. Coming from a Muslim nation, the chance to do a homestay in a Thai Muslim community was especially interesting to her. “Visiting a traditional Thai village was of great interest to me — having been to Thailand before and not getting past the typical tourist attractions. The experience that I had at Ban Talae Nok Village really gave me an understanding of the type of life that the villagers lead on a day to day basis, and the affect that the tsunami had on their lives. Participating in their daily activities made me understand how challenging it can be for the rural Thais to earn a livelihood. I was truly amazed at how friendly and genuinely warm and welcoming all the people were. I really gained a new sense of appreciation for the Thai people and their sense of harmony. I would definitely recommend a village trip for all tourists who want to feel a part of the ‘real’ Thailand.”