Long-Term Volunteer: Karen Spackman

Karen befriends the local youth in Ban Talae Nok

This month Andaman Discoveries welcomed Karen Spackman, who joins us from Stirlingshire, Scotland, via Andaman Discoveries’ new partner TWIN UK. Karen is currently piloting two new long-term volunteering programs: teaching English at the Temple Kindergarten, and vocational English at the Kuraburi hospital. “This is turning out to be such a fantastic experience for me, I have been made to feel part of the team as well as the community since arriving in Kuraburi. Working with the local children and nurses has really helped transform me from being just another tourist to a valued member of the town,” said Karen.

In November she will be greeted by anxious students at the Kuraburi High School, where she will teach for her remaining two months. “Karen is a brilliant addition to the Andaman Discoveries team,” said Erik Rogers, AD Program Manager. “She has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and is a real self-starter. She felt like part of the gang on her first day.” In her spare time, Karen has generously helped out in the office on various administrative tasks, including our English homestay pack.

Karen went on to comment that, “Integrating with the local people has allowed me to establish relationships I would never have gained if I were merely just visiting the area. Since arriving in Kuraburi I have been supported all the way by Andaman Discoveries, through having access to their online teaching plan for the children, to assistance with the development of my own lesson plans for the adults. The staff at the office has such a vast wealth of knowledge that I’m always able to share ideas and concerns with at any time”.