See You Next Season Koh Surin

Thank you Moken Tourism Team

Moken Tourism Team Meeting

Moken Tourism Team Meeting

Andaman Discoveries staff headed out for the close of the season meeting with the Moken Tourism Team. We gather feedback forms from guests throughout the season to share with the team and make plans for the next season. It has been inspirational to see the Moken develop their own voice for their group, speaking openly about their concerns, hopes and positive aspects of participating in the programs.

It is becoming a clear trend that the Moken Tourism Team are on top of their game with the feedback from guests this season being exceptional. This year we sent 16 groups and 97 people to participate in the Koh Surin Moken Experience Program. All of the guides were given an average ranking of 8 and above for their ability

Moken Guide Sutat

Moken Guide Sutat

to share their culture, engage guests in fun activities and also allow for interactive snorkeling excursions. Sutat, an experienced guide who has been with the Moken Tourism Team since the beginning, ranked 10 out of 10 from every guest. Sutat’s entire family has become involved with the program. His wife leads the weaving activities and his daughter May, when not busy learning in school, joins the snorkeling excursions.  Sutat’s hospitality and relaxed personality quickly wins its way into the hearts of guests, allowing for a cross cultural experience that builds memories that begin to transform tourism into a sustainable future.

Sutat's Wife-bracelet weaving activity leader

Sutat’s Wife-bracelet weaving activity leader

The top three favorite activities rated by guests were 1. Snorkeling  2. Riding on the traditional Kabang houseboat 3. Rowing the traditional Moken Rowboat.

And of course there were fun times to be had with conversation flowing between the Moken guides and guests with the help of our AD translators.

Over the rainy season the Moken Tourism Team will be with their families,  we look forward to next season!