New Destinations: Tung Dap Village Homestay

Shelling oysters in Tung Dap village.

Andaman Discoveries has worked with the village of Tung Dap, located on Phrathong Island, since it began as a tsunami relief NGO four years ago. Inspired by the successful model in Ban Talae Nok and spearheaded by an energetic village youth named Duan, the ethnically-Moken villagers of Tung Dap have designed their own homestay program, which now will be offered by Andaman Discoveries. Visitors have the opportunity to learn firsthand about Moken culture and traditions — homestay host Noi spent the first 24 years of her life as a sea gypsy, and offers a fascinating account of her time living on a “Kabang.” Galaad and Julian (France) were the first visitors, staying in the village for two days. “Being the first farang to come to this homestay, I must say I felt as comfortable as in my own home; things were done naturally, spontaneously, and genuinely from the heart.”

Guest activities can include making shrimp paste, building traditional squid traps, Moken-style fishing, and mangrove restoration. There are also opportunities for guests to teach English, with mutual language exchanges during the homestay. “Even though we had language barriers, we communicated greatly as far as getting friendly with one another. [It was a] beautiful moment of exchange and sharing. This was a wonderful and enriching experience; we will be coming back,” added Galaad and Julian.

For more information about the Tung Dap homestay, please contact Andaman Discoveries. More information will also be posted soon.