Kuraburi Burmese Learning Center: New Volunteer Program in Partnership with Grassroots

Sharon with some of her students.

Started by Grassroots Human Rights Education and Development, the Burmese Learning Center provides education to the children of Burmese migrant workers who sometimes face discrimination in Thailand. These children have few (if any) opportunities to attend Thai public schools, and many start working at a very early age. Andaman Discoveries decided to help, and is now offering long-term volunteer English teaching placements at the school at Kuraburi Pier in partnership with Grassroots. Sharon (UK) piloted the program in late December. “I have had four amazing weeks teaching the Burmese kids at the Learning Centre. The kids were fantastic, if a bit shy at first,” she reported.

Sharon, who came to us through our partner Twin UK, taught English conversation full time at the school to students aged six to twelve years. “I quickly developed a strong bond with the teachers at the school. They were very supportive. Definitely a recommended placement; Andaman Discoveries did everything they could to make my stay enjoyable.” The students embraced Sharon, and their confidence level changed noticeably during the month Sharon was there. Andaman Discoveries’ Volunteer Coordinator Karen observed: “Confidence is so critical for anyone learning a new language. These marginalized children face so many odds, and this center gives them a chance at a more hopeful future. Andaman Discoveries is happy to form this partnership.”

Anyone interested in volunteering at the Kuraburi Burmese learning can should contact Andaman Discoveries for more information. Volunteering information will also be posted soon.