Mangroves for the Future and Tung Rak Students team up for conservation!

Beginning in July 2012, a team of organizations including: Andaman Discoveries, IUCN, Koh Ra Botantical Gardens, Tung Nam Dam and Hat Pra Pat, collaborated on building the program “Promotion of Learning for Youths and Locals” at Tung Rak Village, Kuraburi.  The program, which is funded by Mangroves for the Future through the United Nations Development Programs, focuses on training youth to recognize, monitor and conserve local resources in the area.

Students in grades 4 and 5 were trained on the proper procedures to survey and record the data from areas in both the mangrove and mainland forest in their local community.  They will track their findings over a year long period to assess any changes to the environment and determine the causes for the change.  This project hopes to raise awareness and a sense of pride and ownership in both the youth and adults in this area of great diverse and abundant natural resources.  A training of how to survey has been done in July and the first survey was taken in September and we look forward to seeing the development of the project over this next year!