Andaman Discoveries Train Peace Corps Volunteers on CBT

Andaman Discoveries was privileged to be invited to speak on Community Based Tourism at the Reconnect Training for Peace Corps Thailand Group 124!  In July Pi Tui traveled to Bangkok to present to Peace Corps Volunteers, in the Community Based Organizational Development group, on AD’s experience in Community Based Tourism.  This group of volunteers works with the local Thai government and community on projects focusing on youth, environmental and occupational development.

Peace Corps has seen an increasing interest from the local community to develop homestays and other tourism type projects and invited AD to come offer some of their extensive knowledge on this subject.  Pi Tui’s presentation covered the history and development of Andaman Discoveries, as well as a guideline for how to create sustainable community based projects.  An activity session focused on finding suitable counterparts, identifying existing community resources and generating ideas for activities with interested participants.

This training hopes to offer the volunteers a solid foundation on which to build strong and sustainable community based tourism projects for their communities!