Getting Branded

Potter Logo Design Captures the Andaman Discoveries Story

Andaman Discoveries new logoAndaman Discoveries proudly unveiled our beautiful new logo last week. Congratulations and many thanks to Michaela Potter, co-founder of Briefcase to Backpack and owner of Wanderlust Productions. Michaela’s passion for travel inspires her creative side, and she gained firsthand knowledge of the Andaman Discoveries story during a four-day, three-night cultural tour in 2007.

After considering many outstanding submissions to our call for a logo design, we concluded Michaela’s design best represents the story of Andaman Discoveries. Her simple and elegant design is symbolic of our mission and history on several levels. The Andaman Discoveries’ story began after the tsunami in 2004 and continues to this day. We continue to invite people to become a part of our ongoing story, in contributing to the sustainability of communities in the North Andaman Region in Thailand.