Andaman Discoveries at the United Nations

Lessons from the Andaman Coast Shared with International Commission

As you may recall, AD won the prestigious 2008 SEED award. As part of the honors that come with the award, our work was recently highlighted at the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in New York. So, we sent Mimi Cheung , our product manager and all around great gal, on a mission to the Big Apple!

After the event, Mimi said, “Winning the SEED Award lends credence to AD’s philosophy and work in Thailand. Many people were essential in the success we’ve achieved thus far. The lessons learned in New York will surely be a part of AD’s tomorrow.”

At the event, Mimi shared her knowledge with high-profile champions of sustainability including Thailand’s Minister for the Environment, the Minister of Agriculture from the Netherlands, and the Director General of IUCN.

Winners participated in a workshop designed to help identify the tools and methods required to develop a successful, sustainable-development enterprise; how to find and work with key stakeholders; and how to measure and report on progress. “The reception was an excellent opportunity to meet with key leaders to share the AD story,” said Mimi.

The importance of public-private partnerships for sustainable development was emphasized in reception topics. Presentations ran the gamut of the value of UN/NGO/Governmental collaboration on initiatives like SEED, and information about how SEED contributes to green growth and value of SEED to partners. A unified effort helps build awareness of different paradigms throughout administration and operation.

There was a frame discussion regarding governments and Commission on Sustainable Development facing unique challenges in a world of climate change, financial obstacles and food crises. These topics require new paradigms, such as SEED’s, to generate opportunities.

The discussions conveyed that local entrepreneurs and local initiatives make significant contribution to sustainable development, and stimulate economic activity. There is a need for policy frameworks at national and international levels to help these programs to proliferate.

The events were a prime opportunity for Mimi to touch base with leaders and provide understanding of AD’s work. A display booth was set up for each winner to describe their project.

At the conclusion of the event, Mimi seized the opportunity to connect with prospective clients, university professors and leaders in the travel field in New York and made a quick business visit to her pre-Thailand home of Toronto.

The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is “an annual international competition, designed to support locally-led, innovative, entrepreneurial partnerships in developing countries which have the potential to make real improvements in poverty eradication and environmental sustainability,” according to SEED Initiative.