Experiences to Savor

Burmese Students impacted by Volunteer

Jeannine volunteering at the Burmese Learning Center.

We bid farewell (for now!) to Jeannine Curd of New Zealand, who volunteered for two months at the Burmese Learning Center. Jeannine was touched by the experience and hopes to return.

“Forming fantastic relationships with the children and the staff will forever be treasured by me.

“Things that made my stay memorable were the little things unbeknownst to me. At the last class every day, I would say ‘see you tomorrow’, and before I knew it, the students were saying it to me at the day’s end. I thought, How do they know that?, Then I realized that despite thinking the students were not learning, that every little thing you do and say is savored.

“Experiences I treasure include seeing the joy and excitement when giving such little things like a pencil, balloon or even a piece of paper to draw on, hearing the younger children start to say a rhyme because they want to sing it with you, watching them going from building single towers from Play-Doh to constructing various towers and buildings. Asking questions of the older children and getting the right answer the next day, when I thought no one was really listening, will last with me forever.

“The Burmese people live a very basic life and face many challenges, so the work you do is hugely appreciated. I can see from the parents around the school that the time we spend is greatly valued. Helping educate the children in any way is a huge step toward a better life.

“The whole experience has been memorable for me. I plan to return home, work hard, earn some money and come right back for more.”

If you’d like to contribute your time to volunteering at the Burmese School, please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.