Career Breaks that Matter

Southern Thailand Orphanage Volunteer

The study tour participants weren’t the only UCLA students we welcomed in July — UCLA alumnus and Los Angeles resident Christina Liu-Shaffer also joined us as part of a two-month career break. Christina wanted to experience a place abroad rather than just see it, so she chose to volunteer for a month at the Southern Thailand Orphanage before traveling throughout Thailand and China.

Christina said, “My volunteer experience has been amazing. Volunteering at the orphanage has changed my life! I feel so lucky to have been a part of the orphanage’s family and I will cherish this experience forever.

“I was warmly welcomed into the family as soon as I arrived. When the kids got home from school they ran out and gave me hugs and flowers.

“Before I arrived I was worried because I thought volunteering at an orphanage could be really sad. This proved to be the exact opposite of everything I worried an orphanage might be like.

“The kids are the happiest kids I have ever seen! The director and his wife are amazing and their huge hearts and desire to help others is truly inspiring. I love everyone at the project and always want to stay connected and help them in any way I can.

“What I enjoyed the most at the orphanage was that I could see I was making a difference. Whether that was seeing the newly re-painted bedroom after I just helped paint or making the kids laugh and smile. I could see that my time there was making a difference and that was the reason I wanted to volunteer.”

If you’d like to contribute your time to volunteering at the Southern Thailand Orphanage, please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.