Community Based Thai Massage and Yoga Group

Thai Massage Group w Students TPY

The village of Ta Pae Yoi on Koh Phratong was happy to host a group of females from the USA during a Thai Massage and Yoga Study Group tour last month.  After spending some nurturing time in the beautiful nature of Koh Ra, the group was picked up by a long tail boat and transferred to the quaint village on the neighboring island.  The group was welcomed by three different hosting homes and took a tour of their new surroundings.  Activities included daily morning yoga, kayaking in the mangroves, a tour of the Koh Phratong Savannah by tractor, natural tie-dye with the village of Ban Lion and making a delicious Thai dessert.

Thai Massage Group Savannah

One special day the knowledgeable women from Pa Nak’s Traditional Thai Massage in Kuraburi joined in on a day of Thai Massage training at the local village health center on Koh Phratong.  It was the first time the ladies of Kuraburi had an opportunity to visit the island and a first for most of the Thai village women to experience Thai Massage.  The day saw an amazing exchange of knowledge and technique as well as new experiences for all participants!  The group was also able to engage with the students of Ta Pae Yoi grade school for a fun session of animal yoga complete with downward dog, frog and “deer” poses that also helped to teach English language and generate some lasting smiles.

Thai Massage Group Tie Dye BL 2

The five days spent in this tiny village allowed the guests to relax and reconnect, while enjoying the simple and happy life that these community members live.  Community Based Group tours are available in many different ways and this way proved to be a great one!

Thai Massage Group Tie Dye BL

Thai Massage Group Training TPY

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