Burmese Learning Center

The construction of the new Burmese Learning Center was completed in July 2012 and students and staff are very pleased with the new school building.  They are all very happy to be learning in a safe and clean environment, without the flooding and disruptions that they had to endure in the old school.

Drainage was constructed on the East border of the land to help prevent the water backup on the land that occurred during the heavy rain that came in July and August 2012.  The water would flood over the road and enter onto the neighbor’s property causing them to complain.  Andaman Discoveries consulted with the school and it was agreed that subsequent water drainage be dug and a cement ring added for stabilization.

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The end of the year saw a great New Year’s Party for the students and families of the Burmese Learning Center.  During a holiday visit to Southern Thailand family and friends of a generous donor came to engage with the students and celebrate the passing of a new year in a new school!  Traditional Burmese and modern dance was enjoyed by all, delicious food served and presents exchanged.

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The new kitchen and dining area is now complete!  Construction work took place over a two week period with the help of a team of Burmese labor.  The school is not only now providing education, but also a balanced lunch for over 100 children and with the support of donors we are able to provide a safe and dry cooking and eating area for the children to have lunch.  Previously cooking was done outside or in a classroom area.   This used up valuable space for teaching and meals prepared had to be eaten in a classroom or outside. The timing of this construction was critical as monsoon season usually arrives to Kuraburi during the months of May until October.

An organic vegetable garden was created by a group of volunteers traveling with Andaman Discoveries on a Group Study Tour.  To maintain this small kitchen garden is having a wonderful affect on the children.  It is allowing them to engage in and be amazed by nature and the small garden has been producing vegetables for use in preparation of the school lunch, a wonderful way for the children to see and taste the fruits of their labor.   As most of these children live by the busy and over populated area beside Kuraburi Pier, they do not have the opportunity to tend a garden, family homes usually do not have outside garden area.

Recently, two “Service & Study” Group Programs have visited the School during the month of March.  The first a student group from the USA who worked at the school over a 5 day period, transforming an area of the computer room into a library complete with a World Map on the wall, a book shelf and decorative educational pictures on the shutters.  The group also worked to weed and build a retaining wall for the garden; they also created a compost pit to make natural fertilizer.

The second visiting group of students came from and international school in Hong Kong. 40 students worked hard to paint the new kitchen and classrooms with a fresh coat of new paint, so that the rooms and eating area will be bright and clean for the start of the new school semester.

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