Ban Tale Nok Guide Training

Guide Training Staff and Participants

Ban Tale Nok village, one of the longest running villages to work with Andaman Discoveries, received an interactive guide training to renew and revamp their skills. There was a mix between old guides and students that are interested in developing guide skills to help the community based tourism group in their village. The guides were given tips on how to better interact and convey information to the guests staying in their village so that everybody has a meaningful and hands on experience. They practiced this by running through situations and sample tours, giving feedback to each other in areas that could be strengthened. Andaman Discoveries staff and Intern Uzma Daraman were there to facilitate and help build the capacity of the village guides. With rejuvenated and newly trained guides, Ban Talae Nok continues to be a wonderful village to visit that will truly leave you with a sense of the real Thailand that begins by connecting with great people.

Youth Guide Training