Andaman Island Adventure

The islands were beautiful…

On Saturday we took a longtail boat out to a series of islands west of the Andaman Coast. This wee island you see above was the first we passed. Little did I know that it would be the beacon of our fate that night…

We reached a small deserted beach in the afternoon and spent the day relaxing. Shell hunting, swimming, and swimming some more. This was a view to the island to the east of us. I cannot explain how beautiful it all was.

At dusk, we headed to the other side of the island to catch the most beautiful sunset over the neighboring island. You could see across this channel to an island that was hard-hit by the tsunami, knocking out an entire portion of mountain as the wall of water washed through the Andaman Sea in 2004.

After the sun went down, we started a bonfire and watched the stars slowly appear. We took a nap until the tide came in, and then headed back to the mainland around midnight. This is the crew to the left: Bodhi, Bow, and Erik.

+me. Very happy.

Unfortunately, we were about half-way home and the rutter broker. Even more unfortunately, all of Bow’s friends and family were out fishing for the night, so there were no rescue possibilities. We got stuck next to what I think is Phayam Island, swaying with the swells all night. Fortunately, there was no moon and the most amazing view of the milky way. I tried to lie down in the boat and catch some sleep, but the thought that I would miss the most amazing stars kept me half-awake. At first light, we saw a friendly boat who towed us into the dock.

To finish off our adventure, I slipped on the ladder getting out of the boat, landing square on my wrist. By chance, Bow’s mom had the most amazing concocktion to fix my wrist. Her “local herbs” made my bruise disappear before my eyes. As you can see, I’m very surprised!