AD new intern!


Dear all,

My name is Rena Buijze. I am currently studying to become a proffesional rural development manager. It is a field where you are faced with the added challenge of doing so with only the resources you have at hand.  A creative mind, caring nature, business mind-set and fierce ambition are typical characteristics needed to carry out this kind of proffesion. My ambition is to use these skills in the field of tourism where people share profit equally and conserve their natural environment in the best possible way.

Therefore, I will join the Andaman Discoveries team for the coming 6 months to learn about how to help communities in managing there own tourism enterprices and what kind of impact CBT has on people’s lifes.  Secondly, it is a great opportunity to learn as much about a new country and culture.  I feel already quite at home and I am much looking forward to the experience ahead of me.  It is very true what they all say. Thailand is really the land of smiles.