Absorb the feelings of life by the sea

IMG_2772.copyA few weeks ago I joined the Andaman Discoveries team to Ko Klang, a charming fishing island in the province of Krabi. We stepped onto a traditional Andaman long-tail boat from Krabi town and the first thing I notice, when arriving on the island, were the friendly smiles of the residents that welcomed us. After a sidecar drive, across the island, we stopped at a small village near the sea named Klonglu. Along the road the sight deviated from small clusters of houses where fresh fish lay out to dry under the sun, goats and water buffalo grazing in the field, and small nurseries for cultivation of rice.

IMG_3181webDuring my stay at the Klonglu village I experienced the inextricable linkage between people and the marine environment. Parents took their children out for fishing, so the youngsters naturally absorb the way of life by the sea. It was, therefore, a great experience to participate in the collecting of shellfish for our meal later that day. Oh yes, the food, I have never had so much variety of delicious seafood in my whole life. We ate crabs, snails, octopus, clams and shrimp. Every day was a real marine feast.

My favorite activity was creating my own Batik pattern. It is a traditional technique to paint a piece of white cloth using hot wax and bright colors. As an artist myself, I find it incredibly interesting to experience art from different places. At first such Batik coloring seems not so complicated, but now I have deep respect for the women that can actually color between the lines.

Being part of village life, even just for a few days, made me experience a real coastal marine life with a mangrove forest as supermarket for your daily food supply. I will remember The Klonglu homestay experience by its friendly people, bio-diverse ecosystem and well-established artistic handicrafts.


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