Welcome to Our New Intern!

Sawadee Kha and hello everyone! My name is Umillah Razak, a Bruneian undergraduate student from the University of Brunei Darussalam. I am now in my third year Geography and Development student with a focus on sustainable management. I am currently undergoing an internship with Andaman Discoveries for about five months from September onwards. There are people that believe that sustainable development is a myth and in today’s world to work sustainably, let alone become successful in it is a bit difficult. I came across AD in Wild Asia and I was immediately impressed with the works that they have done in developing and improving the different communities that they work with. I feel privileged to be interning with them and I believe that interning with the enterprise will help me fully understand how sustainable development is indeed very much possible today.

Although I live in the same region as Thailand, this is my first time in the country so I can’t deny that I am quite nervous. However as people say there is a first time for everything and I intend to make the best of my time here, immersing and adapting myself to the culture. In the office I will be working and assisting on the marketing, activities updates as well as the promotional front. I will also be working on developing an environmental conservation project for one of the villages and helping on various other projects with the communities as they arise. But as I am told from the staff with AD there is always something new in the works so I look forward to the challenges that they have in store!

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