Welcome Noon to the AD team!

Intern noon

Hello! My name is Theeraya! I am studying in Tourism Management with a major in Environmental Management for Sustainable Tourism at Silpakorn University. I love travelling and learning new cultures which is why I chose to study tourism management. At Andaman Discoveries I will be participating in tours as a guide trainee with the AD staff.

My hometown is Surin which is a province in the north-east of Thailand and at my hometown the culture as well as the nature and environment are very different. Therefore I am very interested to learn about the way of life in the Southern of Thailand. I believe Andaman Discoveries is a professional organization that has a nice balance between working for the communities and the environment as well and this is a major part of why I choose to intern here. All in all I hope to gain and collect new experiences as a Community Based Tour Guide and also use this chance to use my knowledge to give back to the villages and the community.