Welcome our New Staff!!!

My name is Mondop Sreshthabutra. My nickname is Bee but everybody calls me “Pi’bee”. I was born in Bangkok but I moved to live in Kuraburi 10 years ago, in the middle of the tsunami year. I graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University program Political science. Before I came to work with AD, I used to work with Goldenbuddha Resort on Koh Phrathong. My job at the resort was as a Bartender. It was very different with my job here at Andaman Discoveries, but I am trying to do my best for my new job. I knew Andaman Discoveries for a long time and the first staff that I knew was Bodhi. He came to see me after the tsunami tragedy and rented my house to set up an “NATR” office. After that I got many new friends, foreigners and Thais. I like to travel very much. I love sea, sands, beaches and mountains. My hobbies are watching movie and reading books. 10 years in Kuraburi and 5 years in Koh Phrathong have given a new life for me. I don’t want to go back to live in Bangkok. I want to live here because this, here, is my home.   DSC_3615