Volunteer in Thailand – Program Update

Over the last few months we have welcomed over 21 volunteers to our Kuraburi projects and over 10 volunteers to our orphanage project.  Volunteers have contributed in English lessons, yoga practice, family teaching and arts and crafts lessons with the children of Kuraburi and Phang Nga.  We are so extremely grateful for your time, enthusiasm and dedication to these projects.  In most cases the Children at the Learning Centers would not have a teacher or supervisor to engage with during school time; children far out number the teachers available at the centers and sometimes have to sit patiently, waiting for their turn to be taught.

We have welcomed families that have brought their own children to engage with the local children; this is such a wonderful opportunity for visiting children to learn about another culture and teaching styles and resources available for students here in Thailand.  And for the local children, having someone from their peer group join classes and share knowledge is a big compliment and a great way to break down barriers and perceptions.  It is an experience that they are still talking about today.

We are always looking for individuals with teaching experience, or just the desire to interact and nurture children, in sometimes quite challenging, but also very rewarding, circumstances.  You will be rewarded with smiles, stickers and the new name of teacher, teacher, never said once and the warmth in your heart that you have truly given something back.