Volunteer Program Summary 2012


The number of volunteers has been increasing yearly and led to a grand total of 60 volunteers for 2012. All the volunteers’ efforts contributed immensely to the projects we support.

We have also hosted families at our projects, this is a wonderful way to have the Thai, Muslim and Burmese children learn from their peers.  Kirsten and family came to teach at our learning center and nursery project with her two sons and husband, Tobin.  Kirsten said each day was just more fun than the next, she appreciated the interaction with the local children and her own children, knowing the value and insight it gave to her own children.  Each day her older son, Mathew would go to school only to be whisked away by the local children, they wanted him to talk, spend time and play with him. There was no need for a translator, as communication was made with hand signals, eye contact, smiles and understanding.  Kirsten would see him again at 3pm, tired, happy and filled with the joy that he could share his whole 9 years of experiences with the other children.

It was our second year hosting an internship program from the Netherlands. Through this program we had five pedagogy students completing their five week internship program at MLC (a Learning Center for local Burmese children) and Bang Tip school.  We enjoyed hosting them and are grateful for their contributions. Below is a testament from their time spent at the schools.

 Our 5 weeks in Kuraburi

We came to Khura buri at the 18th of November 2012. We started our projects on Tuesday. Feline, Anette and I teached at the Bangtip school and Michelle and Robin teached at the Birmees learning centre.

We came here tot learn about culture and diversity. Not being able to speak with the children and most of the time not even with the teachers made our job a lot harder, but also more of a challenge. It was really interesting to see how some things are done here so differently from our country. 

In the weekends we had a great time at Khao Lak and Krabi. Our weekend at Koh Ra was a big adventure, in the middle of the jungle.

Andaman Discoveries helped us really well with everything, we could always come here with our questions. And it was also a lot of fun to be around the office and talking to the people here. Karen took us to dinner, parties and other social get togethers, so we started to get to know more and more people from Khura buri.


Thailand is beautiful en the people are so nice and friendly. This experience was amazing and we might come back one day.

-Love Feline, Anette, Michelle, Robin and Karlijn

We thank all our volunteers from the bottom of our hearts, they make lessons fun and exciting and help with the day to day running of the projects. It is a wonderful contribution they give back!