Underwater Exploration in Eco-Friendly Ways!

With Support from the North Andaman Network Foundation (NAN) and Department of Marine and Coastal Resources ( DMCR) , our Volunteer Aey and Noon travelled to Koh Tao Island as Green Fins Assessor’s to conducted the green fins assessment and to present the best practices on how  to protect and conserve coral reefs by following  Green  Fines Environmentally Friendly guidelines to diving and snorkeling shop. 

During the Assessment, Noon also participated in the Dive controller training course organized by the department of Marine Coastal Research (DMCR).  The training focused on coral reefs ecosystem, awareness-raising and encouraging dive instructors and tour guides to be a good role model to reduce the negative impact to coral reefs. 

As our mission is to empower locally-led, systems-based adaptations to changes in the natural, social, and economic environments and as we are continuing our mission we hope that our work will make a change and make our underwater world better.

As a Greenfins assessor, you go undercover with local dive and snorkel companies and assess the company and guides sustainability practices. Below are examples of some clearly negative behaviors by guests, which can happen from guides not giving proper instructions on how to snorkel and dive in a sustainable manner. After the assessment, the Greenfins assessor sits down with the company manager to go over the sustainability criteria they are doing well and pick three areas that they want to improve on. A training is also given to the staff and guides on best practices to ensure that the company is following sustainable practices.