“Turning Recovery into Sustainable Development” The Nation publishes article on AD!

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http://www.nationmultimedia.com/opinion/Turning-recovery-into-sustainable-development-30196136.html /

Andaman Discoveries is excited to announce the recent article “Turning Recovery into Sustainable Development” published in The Nation this December!  The author, Peter Montalbano, highlights the continuing efforts of AD with tsunami affected communities eight years after the devastating event, and how the work begun by NATR (North Andaman Tsunami Relief) has been transformed into an award winning example of responsible tourism.  At AD, we continue to serve hundreds of guests each year by offering quality cultural experiences in Southern Thailand through our community based tours and volunteer programs.  Each visit bridges interested travelers with local communities, and helps to remind each party what makes Thailand such a special and remarkable country through authentic experiences and lots of laughs!    The article can also be found in the Bangkok Trader, a free publication on newsstands in the greater Bangkok area.  The AD team would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the author  for this great article, it was a joy to read and we are glad that people are continuing to be informed on responsible tourism and how Andaman Discoveries embodies it!