Thank you Volunteers for Engaging, Integrating and Giving Back

Over the last month we have had 8 volunteers at four of our volunteer projects. The volunteers showed a willingness to adapt to the projects’ needs and integrated into the schools and the local Kuraburi community. English can be difficult subject for Thai students to tackle, often times leaving them extremely shy and scared to try and speak. Volunteers quickly break down these barriers by doing interactive and activity based English lessons.  Why is this important? Students are tested on their English grammar and communication skills during exams, making English an integral and important part of their curriculum and grades. But often times at Rural Thai Schools, there is not a budget to hire a Western English Speaker and the Thai English teachers have low English proficiently themselves. So our volunteers truly fill a direct need at the schools and centers.

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“I wanted to experience Thailand and Andaman Discoveries Made it possible. I had a unique opportunity to learn from the community as well as teach at the Burmese Learning Center. The memories and friends I made here will always be cherished.”

– single volunteer Burmese Learning Center

“This is our first experience as volunteers.  It has been an extraordinary life experience. We feel that we have seen the real Thailand, people are extremely friendly and helpful. My daughter, 15 years old, is overwhelmed with new impressions and she will go back home more like an adult.”

“The most rewarding was to see that already after 2 weeks the students are no longer afraid of talking in English! They come to you even if they do not have a lesson, trying to speak with you.”

– mother and daughter volunteer at the Rural Thai School

“We have been perfectly treated by Andaman Discoveries, we got really good help whenever we needed it and are very happy with AD as a volunteer organization.”

“The most rewarding thing was the kids’ friendliness and willingness to learn.  Seeing the children were learning what we were teaching them was amazing. It was great to see them enjoy our lessons and understand. “

– group of three friends at the Kuraburi Junior School