Thank you to the Schmidtke family!

grade4 with usA big THANK YOU to the Schmidtke family, who both volunteered and experienced one of our home stay programs.  They volunteered for the Burmese Learning Center and made a fundraising campaign to help its existence, which raised 11,000 Baht.

We loved our time with this positive, heartwarming family. Here are some of the things they said about both programs:

“This is a wonderful program that allows you to have a meaningful interaction with Thai/Burmese children/teachers.”

“I love small villages and our home stay was really the nicest person ever. I would come here over and over again. ”

“I absolutely loved it at the school. Sure the first 2/3 days are awkward but after a while it is really fun. I’m so alissa friendshipbarceletssad I only got to stay for 2 weeks. Would definitely come back.”

“The night and morning market is amazing. I encourage being
brave and trying many different foods.”

“At the end I felt like I have learnt a lot about the school culture and understood how much work it takes to teach. I learnt that even though you do not speak the same language as the children we could still communicate.”

Once again, thank you very much! The world needs more people like you and we look forward to see you again soon.