Team Andaman Gets in “Gear”

U.S. Volunteer Fixes Bicycles

There are many inspired ways to support Andaman Discoveries in addition to participating in a cultural tour, volunteering in the office, or sponsoring youth activities. Jesse Holgate of Seattle, USA, recently reminded us of this by donating his time and mechanical aptitude to fixing our fleet of bicycles!

Armed with an arsenal of tools, basic parts, and cleaning supplies, Jesse utilized his handyman skills over several days with some basic bicycle cleaning and repair. “A bicycle is one of the most efficient forms of transportation. It’s good for the environment and the cyclist’s health as well. I enjoy supporting groups like Andaman Discoveries that are making a difference in lives of local people,” said Tyler Welshimer of Welshimer Wheels, who kindly donated the parts.

The organization maintains seven bikes, which provide not only a convenient means of transport to and from the office and around town, but also to explore the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, bicycle service is tough to come by in these parts, and the equipment was in serious need of replacement parts, tuning up, and cleaning.

The bike repair project started with several hours scrubbing off road grit. Jesse then outfitted the bikes with kickstands, blinking rear lights, and several new sets of brakes. He also tuned all brakes and shifting, and pumped the tires to the proper air pressure. Jesse then gave a brief workshop on basic bicycle maintenance, explaining the purpose of the items he’d brought, like chain lube, chain cleaner, patch kits, wrenches, and the like. AD staff now has the tools and knowledge to keep the bikes maintained going forward.

After Jesse’s departure, four team members enjoyed a bike ride through peaceful back roads with a donated emergency kit in tow, which includes a pump, tire levers, spare tube, patch kit, multi-tool kit with a number of compact wrenches, screwdrivers that fit into a pouch. (Fortunately they didn’t need it.)

We’re all riding a little safer these days! Thank you to Jesse and Welshimer Wheels for your kind help.