Starving Artist? Design the Winning Andaman Discoveries Logo and Win $350!

Background: Andaman Discoveries is a leader in sustainable travel and development in Thailand that allows visitors and volunteers to directly support community education, village-led conservation, and cultural empowerment. Andaman Discoveries began as a tsunami relief non-government organization (NGO) whose projects focused on long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability to create realistic economic opportunities for affected villagers. The organization has evolved into a sustainable enterprise that aims to preserve local culture and ecosystems through responsible tourism.

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To continue our mission and further develop the Andaman Discoveries’ brand, we need an effective and appealing logo to promote our products and services. This logo needs to communicate a clear, consistent message about our organization that people will easily identify with our mission and programs.

Below is the rough idea we have developed in-house. It’s an attempt to (subtly) convey wave/tsunami wedded with renewal, sort of “yin-yang” like. We provide this as a guideline in conjunction with the information on our website. Be creative! Please contact us with any questions.

Design(s) must be received by March 20, 2009.