Southern Orphanage Experience

James & Rebecca’s experience

As it was the end of the rainy season, we worked with the family to weed vegetable patches, preparing them for seeding and growing in the coming weeks. We stayed onsite, lived, ate, worked and played with the family and the children. It has been an amazing experience, to see how well the children are cared for, how much the orphanage is like a family – providing love and care for all the children. It has been incredibly warming to be able to help and be part of the support to the children.

Thai cooking lessons are also a part of the experience, and a brilliant one too – the food here is very good, and varied, and Gai is an extremely good teacher.

Thank you to all the family at Baan San Fan, we thoroughly recommend the experience to other volunteers – get involved and help this very worthwhile home provide support to the children.