Rebecca’s Journal – Meeting Gary the Gecko

Rebecca’s roommate, “Gary the Gecko.”

The power was out on the entire street when I arrived home after the first day of volunteer orientation. My phone made a useful light, so I could make my way to the bathroom.

I shined my phone around the room. My heart stopped. On the wall next to me was a massive (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little) gecko staring right at me!

There have been few times in my life that I have moved as quickly, as I did that moment. I made a mad dash to the bedroom.

The bathroom seemed too close for comfort, so I put a fan in front of the door just in case the gecko chose to follow me. It took about an hour for me to muster the courage to leave the bedroom. I nervously opened the door, shining the phone light around to check that the gecko wasn’t lurking close by. After a close inspection, I decided the coast was clear.

I relayed the gecko encounter to the AD team. They found it rather amusing. It was explained that geckos inhabit most Thai homes. The geckos eat the flies, mosquitoes and spiders in your house. I was told that they’re not harmful and are actually seen as lucky.

After much deliberating, I decided a gecko was certainly better than flies, mosquitoes and spiders. The best option was to befriend my gecko and keep him on my side.

That night I went home ready to give the gecko a second chance. The power was back on, allowing me to get a better look at my new friend. Upon closer inspection, I saw he was surprisingly cute (ish).

I named the gecko, Gary. While I still shut the bedroom door at night, I quite enjoyed having Gary around. Once Gary and I were used to each other, a beautiful friendship was formed.