Rebecca’s Journal – Life in Kuraburi

When I first saw Kuraburi, I wondered, where the rest of it was. “Is this it?” I asked. It took me a few days to adjust to a life that vastly contrasts from my home in England.

Eventually, I found that while the town is small, it had more than its fair share of attractions to keep me entertained. It has a lovely atmosphere and buzz about it that I hadn’t experienced anywhere before.

Spending one month in Kuraburi gave me an insight into Thai life. I never would have experienced this viewpoint had I only visited the tourist hotspots of Thailand.

Kelly, Karen and Rebecca relish the sunset at Ao Khoei beach near Kuraburi.

Kuraburi gave me the chance to visit the morning and night markets, eat an abundance of traditional Thai dishes and taste exotic fruits that I didn’t know existed.

Community aerobics was one of my favorite activities. Dancing, sweating and enjoying music with local Thai woman was the ideal conclusion to a day of teaching. The classes are held Monday to Friday at about 5:15 p.m.

The month in Kuraburi was thoroughly enjoyable. I’m glad that my travels began in Kuraburi with Andaman Discoveries and of course, Gary the Gecko.