Rebecca’s Journal – First Day of School

I was filled with apprehension, clutching my lesson plans, as I awaited the start of my first day teaching.

The first class of the day was grade one. The class exuded enthusiasm, cheering, “Teacher, teacher, teacher!”

Rebecca takes in the scene near the Burmese Learning Center.

Just as I began to feel panic, Sawsaw (one of the Burmese teachers) calmed the class down. The lesson ran surprisingly smooth. Drawing and singing proved to be keys to the students’ attention. I’m far from being in the category of the likes of Claude Monet or Vincent Van Gogh, but I decided I’d better develop my artistic side quickly to excel at this new role.

The rest of the first day was nerve racking, but an overall success. I introduced myself to the children. After their initial shyness dissipated (excluding grade one, who were certainly not shy), I felt the students responded well. I anticipated the next few weeks, excited to see just how far the students and I would grow. Monet just may have competition yet!