Protests in Bangkok, Not Kuraburi

Protests in Bangkok have been ongoing since the military coup that ousted Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in 2006. Fortunately, the protests are concentrated in Bangkok. Kuraburi has seen no sign of danger, violence, or protests. As a sleepy mountain town, Kuraburi residents and visitors are safe from the dramatic flare of the protesters in Bangkok, which is over 700 kilometers to the north.

The Internal Security Act was invoked in Bangkok and seven surrounding provinces throughout the tumultuous weeks of March 11-23, 2010. The Phang Nga Province was not among those included in the invocation. The Thai government has stated that it will “use all means within its powers, within the laws of the country, to make sure that the property and safety of its citizens are protected.” (BBC World News, This safety and concern extends to all guests of Thailand.

The protests are now completed, although there is still political discord in the country. Travelers going through Bangkok airport and on to the North Andaman Coast may encounter delays should there be further protests, but there is no danger to tourists, only inconvenience.